Dance 4 Life is an International initiative that targets youths aged 10-24 years with information and skills on HIV/AIDS prevention and Reproductive Health Education. Dance 4 Life has develop and implement the ASK (Access, Services and Knowledge) and UFBR (Unite for Body Rights) Alliance Programs aiming at improving young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Started in Kenya in 2007 targeting young people in and out of School Currently in 12 schools in Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale Counties.

Project Objectives:

  • To build young people’s individual capacity to make safe choices;
  • To make SRH services better adapted to young people’s individual needs;
  • To strengthen the linkages between information and service provision
  • To Increase utilization and quality of comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services
  • To Increase quality and delivery of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)
  • And Reduction of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)

All over the world, the dance4life program consist of 4 steps: inspire, educate, activate, and celebrate. In Kenya, we do it like this:


With the Heart Connection Tour (HCT) the tour team goes to the schools to start the program. This is an 2 hours interactive session in which music, dance, puppetry, positive speakers, peer educators and youth ambassadors are used to reach the youth with the appropriate message on their reproductive health and HIV/aids prevention and to personalize the impact of HIV/aids.


Dance4life Kenya works with the World Starts With Me (WSWM) curriculum. WSWM addresses knowledge and skills on sexuality, computer use and life skills including HIV/aids prevention, RH education and youth livelihood and entrepreneurship skills. With this program, young people are equipped with the right knowledge, skills and tools they need to make safe and informed decisions about their lives. Furthermore, it prepares them to reach out to others by taking action and becoming agents4change.


Having been inspired by the HCT and educated by the WSWM lessons, the young people are now in a position to take action and become agents4change. A agent4change is a young person who finished the first 2 steps of the program and now is a positive role model who through his/her activities take up leadership roles in encouraging society to contribute the stigma and taboos that surround hiv and aids.

They do this by awareness-raising and advocacy activities such as organizing inter-school activities as debates and discussions on hiv/aids and sexuality. They have simultaneous exhibitions between participating schools where they showcase the skills and knowledge they acquired. They use a display of dance, music, drama, art and poetry to do this.


Every year on the World Aids Day there is a big worldwide dance4life event in which all students celebrate and dance together, all countries being connected by a live satellite connection. It showcases and celebrates the impact and achievements of the agents4change. It is a platform where they share what they have learned and can express themselves and shows them they don’t do this alone!

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