This Year 2018, DAYO and Mtree Signed Agreement for collaboration to provide reflective learning-in-arts programs to youth enrolled or connected to DAYO in Kilifi region through Mtree’s Brush with Hope and Fashion for All programs. Mtree and DAYO expect that these programs can give a safe environment that participating children and youth to learn about themselves and their identity in the communities through various of medium of arts and design. The participants will also interact with Kenyan and International artists and designers during the programs. Mtree also aims to build sustainable workforce capacity for learning-in-arts opportunities for youth in underserved communities. As a part of the capacity building goal, Mtree plans to provide a learning-in-arts workshop to DAYO staff. Mtree and DAYO expect to create a network for innovative solutions to facilitate access to creative learning opportunities in marginalized communities in Kilifi where both parties agreed for the benefit of both parties and communities.
Mtree is a global-minded non-profit organization registered in the United States that promotes sense of self and sense of community among children and young people in developing countries in collaboration with artists and designers from various parts of the world. Mtree has implemented its programs in partnership with national governments and universities to deliver learning-in-arts and learning-in-living Global Citizenship Education (GCE) programs among young people in marginalized communities.
Both institutions desire to establish relations in the following areas:
1. Mtree’s Global Citizenship Education Program (GCE): Based on the UNESCO’s GCE core elements, Mtree GCE program provides a learning-in-living model program to US teenagers in the context of community engagement in Kilifi, Kenya. Mtree will provide GCE curriculum, materials, an instructor for GCE participants from US.
2. Mtree’s Leaning-in Arts Program (LiA): Mtree’sLiA program provides a safe environment where children can explore their identity, emotions, and ideas freely through medium of arts. The program is designed to build sense of self and sense of community. Mtree will provide LiA program curriculum, teachers, volunteers, and program materials for Brush with Hope (visual arts) and Fashion for All (fashion design) program.
3. DAYO staff LiA workshop: In request of DAYO, Mtree will provide a workshop to DAYO staff on its LiA and GCE programs to continue Mtree’s LiA programs.