Digitized literacy Learning:

Collaboration in the implementation of the Tusome Early Grade Reading Program in Kenya within Kengeleni and Bamburi Cluster in Mombasa County. DAYO partnered RAIA Television Network and Rayalia Consultants Ltd to Conduct TV Advertisements and Radio talk shows with early literacy education and health experts and Teacher read aloud session on radio to enables continuity to literacy education for grade 1, 2 and 3 pupils through digital lessons and linkages to the community library.

Public Awareness and Community Outreach:

Community Health Volunteers are going door-to-door across the slums to raise awareness, distribute soap, hand sanitizers, and informational pamphlets in Kiswahili.

Fufua Biashara:

In partnership with Kenya Community Development Foundation, we are providing Loans to vulnerable youth within Mombasa.

Hand washing and Sanitation Campaigns: DAYO has installed 4 hand washing stations across major entry points into the 4 settlements where we work, staffed by volunteers, which serve as key access points for health awareness information and distribution of informational pamphlets, soap, and hand sanitizer.

Distribution at Scale: DAYO has partnered to source enough soap to be distributed to every household in the slums where we work. To date, we distributed 8,150 soaps and 942 hand sanitizers.

Emergency Food Support: DAYO partnered with Aids Healthcare Foundation to purchasing basic essentials (cooking oil, rice, etc.) that we can offer below retail costs in our sites in the event of food shortages or extreme price-gouging that would severely impact vulnerable slum residents.