Imarisha Vijana Project

Currently DAYO is implementing DFID Funded project on Youth Empowerment “Imarisha Vijana Centre” under Kuza Project. Operating a Labour Market Information and Training Centre (LMITC) for the youth in Kisauni in order to assist young women and men in seeking jobs or becoming self-employed to assist the initiatives of the youths to improve their livelihood the project seeks to train 1300 youths by 2017 July on the stated objectives below.


The Kuza project is funded by the UK Department for International Development and implemented by Adam Smith International. The project is committed to fight the root causes of youth unemployment in Mombasa. Within its overall approach Kuza emphasises on enhancing employment creation, development of marketable skills and assisting in the design of policies which enhance youth employment.

Kuza in cooperation with the Department for Youth, Gender and Sports and community based organizations developed a particular approach to reach to the youth in the six constituencies of Mombasa.


Kuza is tasked by DFID to train by June 2017 a total of 8,000 targeted youth to improve their employability and by supporting the creation of 5,000 employment opportunities after completion of the project.

The clearly defined target group of the Kuza project comprises:

  • Youth between 18 and 30 years
  • Having no or low income (below 10,000 KShs per month)
  • Emphasis on young women (50%)
  • Having a low educational background (no completed secondary education)
  • Belonging to the indigenous coastal population (70%)
  • Being unemployed/underemployed
  • The inclusion of disabled persons is highly encouraged.

Kuza’s LMITC approach

The concept of Labour Market Information and Training Centers (LMITCs) was developed in close cooperation with the Mombasa County Department for Youth, Gender and Sport and various NGOs and CBOs that cater for the concerns of Mombasa’s youth, especially young women and men with low formal education and low skills relevant for the local labour market.

Emphasis is given to reach the largely marginalized youths in their residential areas through a decentralized service delivery approach.

Kuza supports the operations of six LMITCs – branded Imarisha Vijana - in six constituencies in Mombasa, namely Likoni, Nyali/Kisauni south, Kisauni north, Mvita, Changamwe and Jomvu/Mikindani . Each LMITC is a one stop service location for Mombasa’s youth to provide information, advice and career guidance as well as training, referral services and mentoring with the aim to enable the youth to find employment or become self employed. All six LMITCs are expected to train 2,300 participants by end of June 2016 and a further 3,000 in the following 12 months.

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