Background of Project

There exists a huge gap in the education system that hinders Kenyan girls from realizing their full potential and prepares them on the path of being active global citizens. Many girls hardly get the right/relevant type of education that would make them overcome the social, cultural and health challenges at their immediate environment. Crosscutting factors affecting girl education include persistent high level of poverty, especially in urban slums and rural areas whereby most families are unable to cover the cost of their children’s education and opportunity costs for sending children to school are high.

Furthermore, as socio-cultural norms based on patriarchy prevail, families tend to give priority to boys’ education when faced with financial constraints. In addition, factors such as lack of adequate infrastructure, inadequate guidelines for policy implementation, as well as prevalence of HIV and AIDS, have prevented girls from accessing education.

Mombasa is among the poorest performing counties in Kenya on primary and secondary education for both girls and boys. The situation of girls and women in these counties is exacerbated by unequal gender relations who are amongst the worst in Kenya. Female adult literacy is only 38%, compared to 67% for men. Girls are disadvantaged from the outset by lower enrolment rates for education, higher drop-out rates, early child-bearing and limited access to economic opportunities.

“He named me MALALA Screenings”

malala-projectDream Achievers Youth Organization partnered with PAWA Initiative (PAWA254) to implement Empowering Girls Education Project arm at empowering Girls through Education Screenings and Discussions on the film “He named me MALALA”.

Empowering Girls Education is a short-term & high impact project purposed to engage the youth, policy makers & other stakeholders in a process of critical discussion, the pledging to support girls’ education and action around issues that hinder the same in Kenya.

This Project is been done by screening the documentary and holding reflective discussions on “He Named Me Malala” film in Mombasa.

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