Sisi Kama Kenya

Kenya has witnessed and continues to experience a charged atmosphere since the contested 2013 General Elections, which saw the Jubilee coalition triumph over CORD, with the country avoiding a run off with the slightest of margins. Increasing cost of living, unemployment, insecurity, terrorism, political posturing and accusations of skewed national public appointments in favor of one ethnic community has exacerbated the situation further.

This has resulted in calls for a referendum by the Opposition to review the constitution, which is seen largely to be about the performance of the Jubilee government on critical development areas like Devolution and Security. Of course the country is more divided than ever along political and ethnic lines, and appears to be on a major collision course. Unity and cohesion is needed now more than ever, especially among the youths who are likely to be exploited by the different political and ethnic kingpins when this collision eventually happens.


DAYO has partnered with the Community Media Trust to implement a project dubbed ‘Sisi Kama Kenya (SKK). Sisi Kama Kenya is a film, photography and print multimedia project that seeks to highlight the perceived ethno-political and socio-economic differences existing in Kenya and create points of convergence around this diversity to catalyze positive social action which fosters national cohesion and unity among Kenyans, especially the youth.


To promote cohesion and tolerance of diversity among youth in Kenya


After engaging with the project, participants should;

  • Understand the ethno-political and socio-economic differences existing in the community and recognize their individual prejudices based on this newfound understanding.
  • Using newly acquired photography, videography and new media skills, contribute ideas and thoughts on positive social actions to remedy these prejudices at both community and national level.