Tunaweza Bila Fujo

Dream Achievers Youth Organization had received grant from USAID Kenya through Kenya Transition Initiative to implement a six month project that involves theatre activities within Kwale and Mombasa County in Coast Region by using participatory theatre as a tool of passing critical messages to the community.

Main Objective.

Enhance citizen participation through use of performing arts to build the of capacity and understanding of Kwale and Mombasa constituents, especially youth, on key provisions of the 2010 constitution relating to good governance, leadership, land and the electoral process and provide key messaging that encourages peaceful participation in 2013 general elections.

Specific Objectives

  • Use of performing art as a tool of passing critical messages to foster peaceful election, youth voter/ID registration and entrench constitutionalism.
  • To reach grassroots’ level audiences with key messages of peaceful participation and tolerance, countering secessionist propaganda and mitigating the likelihood of a boycott of the next general elections at the Coast of Kenya.
  • Discuss the different provisions as provided for under the constitution i.e. bill of rights, the national land policy, devolution and leadership & the electoral processes.
  • Undertake mock rehearsals/practical as checks and balances to gauge the level of understanding among participants before actual implementation.
  • Entrench constitutionalism through liaising with the registrar of persons to conduct voter/ID registration drive and distributing copies of the constitution during the participatory theatre outreach performances.