Youth Empowerment

Dream Achievers Youth Organization has received a grant from Kenya Community Development Foundation to implement project known as Youth Empowerment project aimed at supporting members of the organization to start their own business and build/nature a culture of saving and borrowing loans from the revolving fund kitty or financial institutions.

The project seeks to contribute to the millennium development goals by empowering youth economically through financial literacy entrepreneurship skills training. DAYO initiated a youth revolving fund and expanded its income generation activities to an events management department which include tents and drapery so as to reduce poverty.


  • To enhance the capacity in financial management and theatre skills among youth for employability and business management.
  • To improve skills among youth through mentorship and coaching to manage challenges that affects their competitive bargaining.
  • To nature the culture of saving among youth for competitive collective bargaining.
  • To expand DAYO’s income generating department to an events management company.

Project Activities:

  • Recruiting of youth and registering them to the project
  • Conducting trainings on financial management skills.
  • Procurement of tent(s), improvement and maintenance if the IGAs
  • Mainateining the youth revolving fund for member’s(youth) sustainability.
  • Youth Mentoring and coaching on financial management skills

Project Achievements:

  • Conducted successful business training for 30 youths
  • Procured 2 tents for the Income Generating activity project.
  • Conducted 3 mentorship meetings.
  • Established “SACCO”.
  • Registered DAYO IGA department as an event management company.
  • Contributed 50% to the revolving fund kit (SACCO)
  • Awarded 10 young entrepreneurs loans of 10,000 each.
  • Conducted Loan award ceremony funded by DAYO, In attendance were County Youth officer, Corporate sectors e.g. Barclays Bank, KCB, Kenya Maritimes Authority etc and NGOs e.g. CIPK, Baruku CHI.