Shrinking the Space against Violent Extremism Thriving (SAVET) Project


Youths remain a major target for recruiters of violent extremism in the region. People who join violent extremism at the coast are between ages 12 to 40. Their search for meaning and a path in life has been manipulated to entice them into extremism and violence. At the coast region many have fallen prey to recruitment by extremist organizations. Regardless of their religious affiliation or ethnic background, youths living mostly in the slums and rural areas are often approached by al-Shabaab or ISIS recruiters. This is because of poverty, unemployment and ignorance of religious teachings.

These young people are attracted to the promise of money and material reward, others believe in the jihadist ideology, while some have lost faith in dysfunctional politics.

The project promotes both religious and social values of productivity, self-dependence, inter-dependence and tolerance to diversity. Through training and awareness raising the project shall expose the youths to numerous economic opportunities for self-dependence. Shall also promote community joint activities such as games, art and drama to enhance social cohesion. The youths shall have opportunities to interact with religious leaders, community elders, government officials, political leaders, business owners, civil society organization and youthful role models for exposure, mentorship, partnership and collaborations. This will give them an opportunity to share their views, experiences, gain important knowledge about social and economic opportunities, learn new skills and receive mentorship and motivation for positive and aggressive living. This shall help to reduce youth vulnerabilities to violent extremism.


Shrinking the Space against Violent Extremism Thriving (SAVET) Program it’s a 3 years funded Program been implemented by Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust as a RR and 5 SR Mpeketoni Conservation and Beautification Youth Group, Council of Women Clergy, Manyatta Youth Entertainment, Dream Achievers Youth Organization and Lamu Youth Alliance with Funding from Global Community Engagement Resilience fund (GCERF)

DAYO Expected Results:

Vulnerable youths embrace non-violent options for conflict mitigation as they unite communities and contribute to the development within their communities.

DAYO Objectives:

1. To empower youths living within VE hotspots in Kisauni to promote peace and peaceful coexistence despite their diversity.

2. To support youths economic empowerment for resilience against violent extremism.

Initiatives in place: These are two:

1. Peace Champion Initiatives

2. Kijana ni Kujituma

DAYO Activities under Initiative:

Initiative 1:

1. P/CVE training for youth leaders on intra/inter religious strategies and community strategies

2. Awareness for community youths on the impact of violent extremism at the coast and effective strategies to prevent or counter its activities in the community.

3. Inter- ward Games (Swimming and Football) completions for community cohesion building

Community youth peace theatres on religious, ethnic tolerance, prevention and countering of violent extremism

4. Installation of graffiti / murals targeting youths at the different hotspots

5. Annual Youth Peace Summit

Initiative 2:

1. Community business clinics to support youths in business and identify potential youths for business trainings and support.

2. Training on entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy

3. Business and entrepreneur mentorship, coaching and follow up for trained youths

4. Annual Youth Economic Summit

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