Current Projects

Strengthening Capacity of CSOs in Climate Change Action through Advocacy and building capacities of communities in Mombasa County

Overall Goal is to strengthen Capacity of CSOs in Climate Change Action in order to amplify the voices of women and young people and to ensure accountability in policy development and allocation of resources for implementation in Mombasa County by 2024

Project Objectives:

  • To strengthen the capacity of state and non-state actors on climate change, the policies, processes and framework
  • To amplify and mainstream community (women, youth) voices in climate change Actions.

Project Strategies and Activities strategies

  • Policy Advocacy & Lobbying In order for Civil Society Organization in climate change Actions to be strengthened and in order to amplify women, youths and learners’ voices, we need to ensure accountability in policies and allocation of resources in Mombasa County for the realization of Sustainable Solutions to Climate Change Crisis in Kenya by 2024.

  • 2. Local civil society partnership and networking - The project will engage existing CSOs and strengthen networking mechanisms and build the capacity of key partner CSOs as well as local religious and community leaders/ community influencers to take ownership of the implementation of all activities, ensuring long-term impact and sustainability.

  • 3. Leverage of existing opportunities and Use of ICT. The program intends to explore opportunities that digital technology provides for advocacy, information dissemination and data collection. Some of the innovative ways shall include virtual meetings, e-data collection tools, e-posters for dissemination in social media platforms for key information to WhatsApp, Facebook and other social groups in the county.

  • 4. Mangrove restoration and Conservation The project will have a mangrove restoration component which will entail complementary activities such as beekeeping which passively assists in mangrove restoration by cross pollination.