Volunteer Programme
Dream achievers has a wide range of volunteering opportunities available in teaching, orphanage work, HIV/AIDS work, SRHR, Community theater outreaches, and women’s education in both urban and rural Kenya.

Location Of The Volunteers Program
DAYO has volunteer placement in Mombasa and rural coast community and villages, while we would like an indication of your location reference when applying, this can be finalized with our program placement officer on arrival in Mombasa Kenya.

Start & Duration Of Dream Achievers Volunteer Program
Placement begin on the first and tenth of each month. Volunteers can choose to volunteer for a period of one week to six months.

Dream Achievers Volunteer Requirements
Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the program and have at least a high school education. Volunteers participating in the program must have appropriate training and certification.

Dream Achievers Volunteer Placement Description

Hiv/Aids Work
In many African countries such as Kenya, HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest challenges facing young people today by causing deaths of thousands of people each and every year. In a bid to address this global pandemic, many hospitals and local NGOS are presently running HIV/AIDS testing and counseling and awareness campaign in Kenya. Our HIV/AIDS Volunteer program is aimed at providing care and support to the people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAS) and also creating awareness to vulnerable groups on the effects of HIV/AIDS through community open outreach programs, peer education in schools, one on one talks, forums, trainings and workshops. Our programs are organized in collaboration with the relevant government ministries, local NGOS, community based organization and youth initiatives who are working very closely with the communities.

Volunteers are placed in community schools, public schools and orphanage schools. Many of this schools we work with are constantly understaffed and are always in dire need of volunteers who could assist in filling up the void. In this program volunteers can work by themselves or alongside other teachers and volunteers, typically subjects taught include; English, mathematics, science, social studies, art and craft and physical education. Schools in Kenya run for a period of three terms a year as follows:

Term One: January to March
Term Two: May to July
Term Three: September to November

There are short breaks between these terms in the month of April, August and December during which volunteers can take a break to travel, engage in tourist activities such as safari, take tutorials for senior students or participate in another placement organization. NB: volunteers do not need to be qualified or experienced in teaching practice.

Orphanage Work
Due to the high incidences of poverty and illness, orphanages can host between 50-300 vulnerable children at any one time and there is always a high demand for more volunteer assistance in Kenya. Volunteers who work in an orphanage help in general work and chores. This work could range from cooking, cleaning to farm work, caring for children, assisting with feeding program and baby class.

Women's Education Program
This program began in response to Canadian volunteers at schools taking notice of young women who could miss upto a week of class each month due to lack of sanitary supplies, sex education and reproductive health issues. In a bid to address issues affecting young women, dream achievers youth organization initiated the gender mainstreaming program that focuses on empowering women to end poverty in their own struggles mainly through providing sanitary supplies and sex education with regards to HIV/AIDS. This is because Gender based violence is one of the key human rights violations in Kenya that continue to tear lives of innocent women and children apart. As an organization we strongly feel that if these problems are not addressed to satisfaction, then the prevalence rate is going to increase drastically.

Community Theater Outreaches
Community theater outreaches, we do community health program in which we use theatre to educate the community in various issues such as adolescence, sexual and reproductive health, human rights, child rights and sexuality with a focus on youths and women so that they can protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS among other issues.

Information On Airport And Arrival

Arrival Airport
Volunteers should arrive at Nairobi International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. Even if the volunteers’ eventual destination is Mombasa, we want our volunteers to arrive first at Nairobi International Airport. One of our representatives will be waiting for you in the arrival lounge holding a placard with your name on it. This will happen without fail if you have passed on your travel itinerary to our office. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can call your Kenya office and talk to our In-Country coordinator Flight Delayed or Missed

If your flight gets delayed or if you miss your flight and book yourself on a later flight, please let us know immediately. You must try to call first and then email the details if possible. Look at your placement details for all the contact information. If you can not make any contact and no one receives you at the airport, look at your placement details, hire a pre-paid taxi and go to the hotel recommended on it. Let the In-Country coordinator know your whereabouts after your arrive at the hotel or the next day. The coordinator will arrange pick up for you later.

Arrival Day
Volunteers coming to Kenya are suggested to arrive one day before the start of program. If volunteers arrive more than a day earlier or remain after the close of their program, they will be responsible for providing their own accommodation and meal. General Health Tips for Volunteer in Kenya

  • In most of Kenya, drinking water is very safe. However, in rural areas, drink only bottled, boiled water or carbonated drinks out of cans and bottles. In the beach, tap water is not considered clean.
  • Buy bottled water from proper outlets. Be wary of fake bottled water which are available everywhere. Always make sure the seal is not broken and the cap not tampered.
  • Avoid eating food from road-side stalls. Eat unpeeled fruits and avoid fresh salads, especially in small hotels. If you are compelled to eat food at some place that you have doubts about, make sure the food is served hot.
  • If you require any prescription drugs, bring enough for the duration of your stay in Kenya. They will need to be carried in their original prescription bottle and the prescription must be in your name.
  • Please carry a small health kit which should include medicines to cure upset stomachs, some antiseptic cream, hydration powder, deer mosquito repellant, sun block, band aids, etc.

Information On Accommodation And Meal
Dream achievers manage your accommodation, meal and supervision at the heart of the city in Mombasa. This enables our volunteers an easy access to all parts of the city. Volunteers will initially stay in the hostel before being transferred to the project site.

During the volunteering period, you will stay with a host family and you’ll be provided with a separate room. The host family will serve three (3) typical meals a day. Volunteers working in an orphanage will stay inside the orphanage’s compound. You can find the details of the meals and accommodations in your placement sheets.

Information On Materials To Bring

  • Camera
  • Mobile phone
  • Mosquito repellents
  • Insect repellents
  • Sun block lotions
  • Some books of Kenya
  • Map of Kenya
  • Toiletries
  • First-aid kits
  • Flash light
  • Electricity adapter/converter
  • Sunglasses
  • Walking shoes (for work and travel)
  • Towel

Program Fees
Volunteer service can rage from 2 week to 6 months. Program fees vary based on the length of the volunteer placement/assignment:

Two weeks - 350 USD
One month - 700 USD

Application Instructions
Interested volunteers who want to volunteer at dream achievers youth organization program should please request for a free application form by email enquiries: