Our Programmes
Our Programmes
DAYO programmes are developed after exploration of opportunities in the social and ecological environments that bear great potential for addressing community health and social needs. The programmes are also aimed at sustaining the working practices, reflect the youth focus and incorporate emerging trends in youth concerns including triple threat to young girls, and threats specific to young men. The current strategic pillars define the programming areas and related services:
Health, Water & Sanitization Programme
This programme takes the bulk of DAYO initiatives due to focus on Adolescent and Youth Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). The Health Programme in DAYO also covers Mental Health, Alcohol Drugs & Substance Abuse (ADSA), Gender-Based Violence (GBV) prevention, response and mitigation, Preventive health for STIs, HIV & Communicable Diseases, Health Service demand creation (Behaviour Change Communication), Health Facilities and Systems strengthening and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Education programme
Through strategic partnerships with both governmental and non-governmental development partners, DAYO implements a robust Education Programme that includes Institutional Support and capacity enhancement, Scholastic Material Support to vulnerable and deserving children and youth, Mentorship of learners for improved learning outcomes, strengthening of school Boards Of Management (BoM). Through the Education Programme, DAYO has initiatives aimed at Enhancing community ownership and participation in school activities, implementing Value Based Education and enhancing community confidence on the Education Systems (E.g. on CBC)
Livelihood & Economic Empowerment Programme
One reason of DAYO existence is Socio-Economic Empowerment for Youth. Through this programme, DAYO also trains youth and involves them in Community Social Saving and Lending (Revolving Funds), we also identify opportunities for Vocational Training of Youth, Enhancing Youth Employability Skills, Linkages of Youth for Internship and Skills Development, youth training in Small holder agriculture and Urban farming and activities aimed at enhancing Food security and Nutritional support among youth in rural communities and urban slums.
Social Justice & Inclusivity Programme
DAYO uses and builds capacity of Youth organization in Right-Based Approaches for Programming. Through this Social Justice and Inclusivity Programme DAYO implements activities that include Countering Violence Extremism (CVE), Peace Building, Access to Social Welfare Support, Advocacy and Policy Strengthening Support, CVE Returnees Re-Integration, Community Reintegration for Ex-Prisoners, enhanced Public participation on National Policies and budgets and Governance and Leadership Education.
Climate Change and Environmental Conservation
Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent, disrupting national economies and affecting lives. In response to this, DAYO developed this programme towards Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Action. It also involves Environment or Tree Cover Restoration, Support for Development of Climate governance/Policy, Water protection, safety and harvesting, Land Reclamation, Waste Management and Carbon credit financing.