Past Projects
Shrinking the Space against Violent Extremism Thriving (SAVET) Project
Shrinking the Space against Violent Extremism Thriving (SAVET) Program was a 3 years funded Program from 2020-2022 implemented by a consortium consisting of Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust as a Prime Recipient and 5 Sub Recipients (Mpeketoni Conservation and Beautification Youth Group, Council of Women Clergy, Manyatta Youth Entertainment, Dream Achievers Youth Organization and Lamu Youth Alliance) with Funding from Global Community Engagement Resilience fund (GCERF)
Y-ACT Project (2022)
Youth in Action (Y-Act) was an initiative of AMREF that aimed to mentor, support, and increase the capacity of youth advocates to influence youth policies and resource priorities in gender equality and Sexual, Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) at national, sub-national, and grassroots levels in Kenya in the year 2022. The project was implemented under health programmes with two-fold objectives: To Advocate for elimination of the challenges of inadequate access to menstrual hygiene management (MHM) information and services by girls and young women in Kilifi County and create linkages for women groups in business to access funds in the county...
Schools 2030 Project
We implemented this under Education programme from 2021 to 2022. The project aimed at fostering knowledge, improving skills, and inculcating Values and attitudes to enhance the education system and learning processes among children of school-going age through community involvement. It also aimed at nurturing positive relationships with the education stakeholders and beneficiaries by strengthening partnerships and action steps towards getting schools and education stakeholders to generate new insights and collaborations towards the Sustainable Development Number 4 (Quality Education) by 2030...
TUSOME: Early Grade Reading Improvement Project
Also under our Education Programme, this was a youth grant from USAID through RTI for the implementation of an innovative learning aid program for APBET pupils in class 1, 2 and 3 within Mombasa in Kenya. The project aimed at improving school environment for the class 1, 2 and 3 pupils from APBET within the selected cluster by improving the quality of teaching and engagement of parents, the Childs' community (parents/primary caregivers, community leaders/resource persons) as well as improving government policies and their implementation for the pupils to enroll, attend, stay in school and improve their reading ability...
Tucheze Kujifunza (TUKU) Whole School Approach Project
The Education Project was funded by the Aga Khan Foundation aiming at imparting young children with the essential knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values by incorporating play pedagogies in formal, non-formal, and informal learning. We employed a whole-school approach that brought together all stakeholders in education collectively to identify and solve problems facing learners. Through this approach, the project sought to increase confidence...
Strengthening community Coping Strategies to the covid-19 pandemic Project
This was a Socio-economic Empowerment and Social Justice project implemented in 2022. DAYO used a two-prong approach that assessed the impact of COVID-19 and developed interventions to mitigate its effects, while also mobilizing and linking youth for training, learning, and livelihood opportunities. The project aimed at alleviating the impact of COVID-19 among youth by providing them with sustainable means of livelihood and helping them secure a better future. Through a combination of various approaches including restructuring the emergency response in existing projects and deployment of disaster response finance instruments, the World Bank Group's targeted Saving lives threatened by the pandemic, Protecting the poor and vulnerable through livelihood packages and Helping save jobs and businesses through small business grants.
Choice Changing the Game through Meaningful Youth Participation (CHAM) Project
Youth and Sexuality (CHOICE) funded this project called Changing the Game (CHAM) through Meaningful and Inclusive Youth Participation (MIYP) for six (6) Months from February to August 2022 in Mombasa Secondary School for the Physically Handicapped in partnership with Ministry of Education and NCPWD offices of Mombasa County. The project was under two competencies namely Social Justice and Health. It aimed at building the leadership capacities of adolescents (aged 10-19) and 'youth' (aged 15-24) by meaningfully engaging them in eliminating barriers and systems that enhanced their exclusion from accessing education and health services to enable them change their own attitudes and influence changes in the local systems...
Influencer 4 Peace (I4P) Project
This project under Social Justice and inclusivity Programme was implemented in partnership with DW Akademie in 2023. The project aimed at fostering peace-building dialogues and empowering young people while strengthening their capacities as influential leaders for building and sustaining peace in the coastal region of Kenya. The "Influencer 4 Peace" project recognized the power of digital media in shaping public opinion based on our belief that young people can play a crucial role in promoting peace and countering narratives that perpetuate violence or lack of social cohesion.
Youth for HIV/AIDS Preventions Project (Y4HPP) is a one (1) year project funded by Aids Healthcare Foundation. Project will be implemented in Malindi Sub County in Kilifi County. The primary target beneficiaries of the proposed interventions are adolescents and young people aged 10 to 24 years. The target populations are major: in-school AYP, and out-of-school AYP. Project Goal: To contribute to a reduction of new HIV infections among adolescents and young people in Malindi Sub County in Kilifi County.
SRHR Youth Advocacy Mombasa (SYAM) project
Dream Achievers Youth Organization (DAYO) with funding from SIDA through HIVOs Southern Africa is currently implementing a four-year regional program that seeks to strengthen interventions on Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (ASRHR) and to amplify existing work via the Regional Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (RSRHR) Fund in Southern and East Africa.
The Mombasa County Youth Employment (IMARISHA VIJANA) Project under KUZA Project
Dream Achievers Youth Organization implemented The Mombasa County Youth Employment Project under KUZA in Mombasa (MCYEP) project (March 2014-June 2017) covering Kisauni Sub County. The project reached 15,000 youth with information on employment and opportunities that exist in business and careers in Kenya. It also saw the training of 9,000 youth on Entrepreneurship and 3,700 on employment; with a huge contribution from DAYO. A total of 2000 youth also received support through career and business...