DAYO Social Enterprise

Consultancy Services

To manage the outcomes of donor fatigue and mitigate the impacts of global economic pressures, DAYO established a Social Enterprises and Consultancy Initiatives to exploit the available expertise within the organization, leverage on the available private sector opportunities for fundraising and strategically utilize the partnerships with other willing organization to enhance the financial reserves of the organization towards a sustainable future. The services available through the Social Enterprise and Consultancy wing of DAYO include:

Formative Assessments and Surveys

DAYO supports organizations and institutions at the initial stage of projects to carry out surveys to reduce the amount of uncertainty to an appropriate level to make a final decision whether to approve the project or not. This helps in defining business Risks and overall Project Risks plus how the project can deliver the promised outcome within budget and on time. The goal of such surveys at the project initiation stage is to provide a first estimated answer to the best ways of handling the risks through project initiation studies or formative assessments.

Training Services and Conferencing

The main purpose of DAYO’s existence is to build the capacity of youth to prevent, respond to and reduce the risks of diseases and socio-economic predisposing factors of poverty. To achieve this, we enhance the capacity of youth through trainings to prevent, respond to and reduce the impacts of health and social issues affecting their health. We also use our expertise to support youth organizations to build the capacity of their beneficiary youth to achieve viable livelihood and economic empowerment and gain advocacy skills towards advocating for youth SRHR, youth-friendly legal and policy frameworks and environments that protect and facilitate all-round youth empowerment

Product Social Marketing

DAYO uses the organizational expertise in Behavior Change Communication and Behaviour modification to support organizations and institutions to achieve the desired behaviors and the social benefit stemming from it. This includes supporting strategic campaigns for adoption of desirable health and safety behaviours at workplaces, attained improved public health as a product of drug and substance abuse campaigns among youth in learning institutions, etc. We have theatre groups and radio that can support private sector to enhance sales through product marketing using the social marketing approach with increased sales as the outcome. We use both logical and emotional marketing angles. We can make jingles for the products using our radio studio facilities.

Staff Capacity Development and Internship Support

DAYO uses the experience and growth to provide this much needed service to other Organizations to improve the actual or potential ability of employees to perform, yield, or withstand the demands of performance in projects. We therefore provide the organizations with support to improve the extent to which the employees can deliver what the organizations require when they require it.

Organizational Capacity Development Support

DAYO believes that corporate capacity can be mental, emotional and physical. We provide support organizations including other youth-serving organizations and CBOs to improve their systems, structures, processes and people (employees or team) in order to improve its operations, services or products for increased success.

Promising or Best Practices Documentation

DAYO has documented best practices that enabled us to grow from a youth theatre group to NGO. We are ready and willing to share this wealth of experience and expertise to support other organizations and institutions to develop clear, legible, concise, contemporaneous, progressive and accurate best practice documents that can showcase the organization's capacity to follow standard or set guidelines to produce good outcomes from their projects and programmes. We use our expertise in outcome-based reporting to identify the best practices in relation to how the organization carried out a task or configured something following guidelines set by a partner organization, governing body or internal standards.